IYMP focuses on assisting Indigenous youth to identify and break down barriers to success. Our staff work diligently to ensure our participants settle into their new homes and receive the appropriate support they need to succeed. Our staff work collaboratively with stakeholders to remove barriers participants experience, to ensure we continue to achieve 96% retention rates.
Education support
Building relationships
Connecting with culture
Life skills
Drivers license
Professional development
Our future leaders

How we support through IYMP

Career matching and planning, unique to each individual.

Development of a comprehensive training plan at an appropriate level for them to maintain motivation and achieve success.

Individual needs assessment which identifies support structures required to achieve participants goals.

Individualised regular case management.

Support to enrol in and successfully complete studies.

Safe and supported accommodation – supervised by culturally appropriate residential workers.

Ongoing education to develop independent living skills.

Support to live active and healthy lifestyles.

Professional and personal development to enhance leadership skills.

Cultural activities to promote a sense of pride and sharing of Indigenous cultures.

Recreational activities to alleviate homesickness and build strong relationships amongst staff and participants.