IYMP are the gateway to post secondary education for young Indigenous Australians from remote regions in Australia.

The Indigenous Youth Mobility Pathways Project (IYMP)

is funded through the National Indigenous Australians Agency (NIAA). Career Employment Australia (CEA) proudly delivers the Indigenous Youth Mobility Pathways Project (IYMP) in 7 locations across Australia.



Improve access

To training and employment opportunities in major centres.

Accredited training

Increase the number of young Indigenous people participating in accredited training.

Increase employment

Increase the number of Indigenous people employed in occupations in particular areas of community need.

Support economic development

Supporting remote communities by building the capacity of local Indigenous youth to take up skilled jobs in their communities.

Our Impact on Young Indigenous People

IYMP by the numbers in 2022
0 %
retention rate
0 %
students who completed the project graduated with a certificate III or higher level qualification
0 %
of participants were from remote communities
current participants from over 140 communities across Australia
educational outcomes in the past 12 months
Career Employment Australia would like to acknowledge and thank the National Indigenous Australians Agency and the Minister for Indigenous Australians The Hon Linda Burney MP for their strong commitment to closing the gap initiatives and improving the lives of all Indigenous Australians. We are very honoured and priveledged to play such an important role in empowering our mob through education and employment. It is the Australian Governments support and belief in Career Employment Australia which allows us to continue delivering excellence in education and employment for young Indigenous Australians from remote communities. Thank you for allowing us to make a difference.
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