Elizabeth Nicolaidis

Elizabeth Nicolaidis

My name is Elizabeth Nicolaidis and I am originally from Queensland. After my application to become a training administrator through the Australian Public Service Commission was successful, I was given the opportunity to live, work, and study in Canberra.

 As this was my first time living away from home, I found it difficult at first to adjust to living in a share house with 5 strangers, and at times it was a struggle to commit to living here and completing my studies. I was lucky enough to meet some great people here, who happened to be part of the IYMP, and they encouraged me to join, and fortunately I was accepted in to the program.

 IYMP has continually given me incredible support in all aspects of my life: they’ve helped provide safe accommodation, helped me get to and from work while I was learning to navigate the bus system,  and have given me the tools to shop for and make healthy balanced meals for myself. I now share these new healthy habits with my friends and family when we cook together. The program also makes us responsible for the upkeep of the house, which highlights the importance of thinking of others and not just ourselves. This has assisted me in becoming an independent young Indigenous woman.

 IYMP provided the Canberra group with an Education Officer who attended the house to discuss our career goals. They also provided guidance on the study we were currently undertaking.  They also provided guidance on where to get study information in the local area.

 I give credit to IYMP for their constant encouragement throughout the 6 months I was in the program. Since joining the program I have successfully completed my Certificate IV in Government and been offered a fulltime position working with the Department of Defence.

 I appreciate the support the IYMP staff, my workplace, and my family have given and would like to express my thanks. I hope I can be a role model for young Indigenous people who might be thinking of moving away and doing something similar.  Even though it was hard at first being so far away from my family and support network, if it wasn’t for IYMP in providing support and accommodation in Canberra, I may not have been able to complete my training.

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