Cruz Reys

cruzHi my name is Cruz Tomeito Christian Reys but I like to be called Cruz. I’m originally from the Cairns area and have spent most of my earlier schools years in the Cairns region.

I was originally involved with the Cape York Institute for policy and Leadership before I was referred to the Indigenous Youth Mobility Program. The Cape York program was a stepping stone to furthering my educational requirements. The Tertiary Student Coordinator recommended that I seriously consider the IYMP program as it provided aspects that could further my academic education and provide a life experience that I had not witnessed before.

So I did some asking around, and it felt right with the IYMP, as the program suited my needs, knowing that staff was always going to support me through this new experience.

So in early January I started University at James Cook University, studying a Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science. This course has opened up my eyes to the endless possibilities after I’ve completed this degree. At the same time I joined the IYMP program, I started my new experience in living in an independent living environment.  Having my own space and accommodation is new and different but feels good. At first it was difficult but with the great staff on hand I was able to learn and achieve skills I’ve never before confronted.

I’ve been with IYMP since 2012, and whilst here IYMP have also helped and supported my interests in other activities such as, weight lifting and keeping my body fit and healthy. IYMP have shown me to prepare and eat healthy meals and maintain a healthy living environment. This main sense to me in particular as the Degree deals with our bodies and how it functions.

IYMP have supported me with accommodation with low rent rates, which allows for other activities for me to enjoy, like watching DVD’s and joining the local gym. I have learnt to cook and maintain a clean and safe living environment in which the IYMP staffs have always been supportive in encouraging me to grow as a person.  The IYMP is great has I know that I’m well looked after whilst concentrating on studies.

I look forward to starting next semester as my confidence has grown as I know that I can now achieve anything.

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