Caitlin Lawton

Caitlin LawtonMy name is Caitlin Lawton, I’m from Kalgoorlie and a descendant of the Wongai group. I’m 18 years old and I’ve moved to Perth to gain my Certificate IV in Beauty Therapy, I’m currently studying at Central Tafe Northbridge to become a qualified Beautician. I’ve recently completed and graduated with my Certificate IV. I am continuing my study towards a Diploma to become a more experienced Beautician.

The things that inspired me to become a Beautician is that I’ve always had a strong interest in skin care and the wellbeing of others from an early age. I’ve always dreamed of being able to travel the world and share my experience. In the Beauty Industry, it shows you it’s a career where you can go anywhere in the world, work on a cruise ship or work in Australia in different salons. It involves many different positions once you are fully qualified.

The main reason why I wanted to become a Beautician is having the knowledge to heal and care for people who have skin problems. I want to help people whether their looking for relaxation or to make them feel good about themselves. I want to help my people by showing them you can work in any Industry.

The people who have inspired me to become who I am today and helped me to pursue my dreams are my sisters Kahli and Cheyenne and best friend Timah. They have given me the inspiration and encouragement to follow my dream and strive for a better future. I have appreciated the support from IYMP staff throughout my studies and assessments within the term. I would like to thank the Perth IYMP staff for helping me be a better person and supporting and encouraging me through this experience. You all have showed me the right path to get a better future. I would like to thank you all for supporting me through this journey.

The things I like about studying in Perth, is that it showed me the way to a better future. Living in IYMP accommodation assisted me to develop independent living skills such as cooking, cleaning, paying rent on time and attending work/classes regularly. It has helped me to grow as a person and to be strong and believe in myself. It shows that no matter what I want to be, with hard work and focus it can be achieved. It has proven that if I can do it then other students can as well. It’s give me a chance to show aboriginal student you can achieve anything in the future if you set your mind in the right direction.

My career aspiration is to finish my certificates in Beautician and travel the world, whether it’s on a cruise ship or in various salons. I would like to share my experience and knowledge within the Beauty Industry and what I’ve learnt during my studies. It has proven you can achieve anything if you work hard and stay positive.

I recommend every young Aboriginal student to continue their studies. There are a lot of great opportunities out there like IYMP around Australia. It will help you strive to be a better person and make sure you achieve your goals and continue your journey whether it’s studying at Tafe, University or a full time apprenticeship and traineeship. The staff at IYMP will always lend a helping hand and guidance when you need. I would recommend IYMP to any student who wants to strive for a better future and achieve their future education goal while they are away from home.

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