Brianna Delacour

Brianna DelacourMy Name is Brianna Delacour, in 2013 I joined IYMP Townsville and I enrolled into a Diploma of Nursing at the Cairns Tafe campus.  My inspiration to become a Nurse came from family members out in remote communities having limited access to health care or when they did have access, it was poor due to cultural barriers. The older generations also helped create these pathways for us and I feel proud to have taken advantage of the opportunity.

Studying externally from Cairns Tafe was a great but challenging experience, however the Cairns Tafe support best met my learning needs. I also felt like this could benefit me when it came to getting a job within the healthcare system. The challenging part of choosing this Tafe was having to travel back and forwards from Cairns and Townsville every few months to be taught the practical skills for my study. This meant having to find a way to and from Cairns, having to find accommodation for at least a 2 week stay, and the living expenses for the time I was there.

Even though I had a lot of family support, a lot of the times they could not always afford to help out with certain expenses or give the support that I needed at the time. That is when the Townsville IYMP staff would help out and give me the support that I was looking for. The staff would always try to find a way to help out in any way they could, this took a lot of stress and pressure off myself and my family. IYMP throughout my time of study, managed to help me with financial support, from food vouchers to assisting with accommodation when travelling away. The staff also kept in contact throughout my studies to check if I needed anything, and provided assistance with my studies.

There were many times when I wanted to call it quits and found it hard to communicate with my training organisation, IYMP staff assisted when talking to Tafe and also kept motivating me to stay positive and push through to get to my dreams. They would also offer training room space so that I could study in a quiet room and have internet access instead of having to go to a library full of people.

The support and effort that was given from the Townsville IYMP staff is greatly appreciated and made my 18 months of studying easier. I hope that a lot more young people choose to utilise IYMP and succeed in their studies. I feel that any young person that chooses to join IYMP will receive the support they need from the staff and I have no doubt that the staff will continue to do whatever they can to help.

I graduated my Diploma of Nursing on the 17th of December 2015.  This year I would like to continue studying and I intend on going to James Cook University to complete my Bachelor of Nursing and Midwifery. Completing these studies will give me better opportunities to help my mob and allow me to travel to remote communities.

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