Jacinta Haseldine

Hi my name is Jacinta Haseldine and I’m from the Far West Coast of South Australia (Ceduna) the Kokatha tribe. I am currently studying a Bachelor of Laws and Legal Practice/Arts at Flinders University.
In my journey to get here, I did most of my schooling at Ceduna Area School and later was fortunate to win a scholarship to attend Annesley College in Adelaide where I successfully completed year 12.
I have always been passionate about law particularly human rights. It wasn’t until I had attended the International Solidarity Gathering in Melbourne and the Australian Nuclear Free Alliance in Quorn and Alice Springs, that I had realized I wanted to attend University and study law.
In moving to Adelaide, I knew it was going to be a big move. I was aware of the Indigenous Youth Mobility Program (IYMP) as I had an older cousin who was in the program prior. I was attracted to the program as it offered affordable living and great support. Being a participant of the IYMP I believe has played a significant role in my academic performance, as it has made living 800km from home extremely easy. I have formed a great relationship with the workers and other participants, they are my second family.
Whilst studying law, my main goal was to do my personal best and also to network within the university and programs/events outside of Uni. In making my goals into reality I communicated a lot with Yunggorendi Frist Nations Centre for Higher Education and Research. This enabled me to come across great opportunities such as linking in with the Indigenous Law Mentor Program and Career Trackers Indigenous Internship Program.

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